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After reading about a product Slim & Lift (the new style) plus a bonus shaper on ThaneUSA.com, I decided to purchase. This product is touted as a body shaper & as a person with a back injury, I also thought it would offer back support.

When I originally ordered, I erred in selecting the wrong size. I called & asked for the same items, only 1 size larger. What I received was the old style Slim & Lift & no bonus. When I called back, I was told that I would be re-shipped the Slim & Lift (new style) & they no longer carried the bonus item in size med.

When I asked why I wasn't told that when I called for the exchange, they could only answer that I wasn't charged for the bonus. I explained that's kind of like ordering a sandwich w/free fries & then being told(after paying) yeah, we don't have fries, to which they agreed & said they could send a size large.I sucked it up & agreed to the large, after all it's spandex, right? So here's where it's at now...I got the 2nd replacement, which was the same incorrect item as the 1st replacement, emailed customer service, and told them my sad story AGAIN. Their response.

We didn't send you the wrong items the 1st time, so we will not be sending you a return label for the items that were incorrect/our error. So now I have all this stuff I don't want & have to foot the bill for shipping it all back.

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Well, Mulch, I hope your spelling & punctuation aren't a reflection of your legal prowess. If so, I imagine Thane will take you as seriously as I have.

Similarly, I hope that your hostility is no reflection of your life, or lack thereof. Thanks :)


You do understand that a lawsuit can be filed again you right? I mean bat & switch is a pretty serious charge. In order to prove it you must prove intent. Which you haven't done here.

Hope you have a good lawyer. I sent a link to the company with a suggestion of opening a lawsuit against you.

Have a nice day!

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